Chairman's Message

Marc Komorsky

24 Michaels Lane,
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Chairman’s Message

Our mission is to register large numbers of republican voters, elect great republican candidates, and inspire large-scale Republican voter turnout in elections. We seek to nurture deeply informed opinions among members and shore up the principles of our beloved Republican party. 

We believe everyone has a role to play in the future of our county, state, and country. We are making it easy for like-minded old and new Republicans to connect and contribute towards our party’s greater goals. Serving as the Republican party’s elected officials, we bring robust and strategic support to the fore.  We are leading massive community-level campaigns as patriots and conservatives. We are shoring support for our party’s candidates and elected officials.

Our Principles

The founding fathers cautioned against the dangers of the government, state or federal, infringing on individual rights. Everyone deserves to live free and pursue the American dream without the fear of discrimination, suppression, or subjugation. 

Unfortunately, radical leftist voices have been growing louder. It’s time for everyone who cherishes free will and self-choice to join hands and fight for what’s right.  At Town of Lagrange GOP, we respect the fact that strength comes from the people and not the government or individuals.  We recognize and espouse the rights and liberties of every individual American. We believe in low taxes and a financially empowered government with limited reach.

Championing Rights                       

As Republicans, individual rights and freedoms are at the core of everything we do.  We advocate for the First and Second Amendment rights of Americans. We believe in the sovereignty of all people across races, ages, religions, and backgrounds. 

We courageously defend the truths that represent who we are and the better version and future of our nation. We are committed to protecting it against the onslaught of progressive and socialist ideas that erode everything that defines America.

We guard against ideas that threaten the mental enslavement of individuals and by ensuring the election of the right people into office, the future of our beloved USA. We believe that elected officials have an obligation to cultivate liberty-minded perspectives and work with and educate their constituents accordingly.

Town of Lagrange GOP is all about uniting, messaging, and connecting with everyone from all walks of life in our cherished county and state to instill these values and install trustworthy people into power. People of integrity, people who care about others and are committed to the betterment of our shared society.

Equal Opportunity & Inclusion

Remember that the Republican Party was formed with the primary mission to end slavery.  Our party was the only original party to stand against slavery. We have not wavered on the subject and never will. The Town of Lagrange GOP is a group forged with freedom in its DNA. We want to see a freer, more peaceful, and equal-opportunity society thrive in Lagrange, NY and throughout America. 

The Democrat party, which to this day continues to hold views that infringe on personal liberties, has taken hostage the minds of many, including the people in the media. We believe that the time is now to amplify our voices.  All conservatives should continue in the fight for personal freedoms. 

Safeguarding Values

We are a powerful force. We work to ensure our state and county rise to new levels of freedom, peace, justice and liberty.  We will harness our numbers and form stronger alliances for the future.

Town of Lagrange GOP recognizes the long-term needs of our community. We know that strategic planning, beyond short-term election cycles, is the answer to a better future. We work closely with the Chairman of the Republican Party of the Town of Lagrange as well as other local committees and groups.

Our Committee

We work with the county committee and the New York State Republican Party. The members are responsible for grassroots campaigns and ensuring ballot access for our candidates, among other responsibilities. 

Each member is in charge of and represents a specific Election District in the County Committee. They help candidates with administrative responsibilities around nomination petitions and district election matters.

Town of Lagrange GOP members attend annual county conventions.  They vote for candidates in elections and elect board members.  They participate in County, State and National Republican Committees.  

We want more people to join us. Together, we will amplify our voices by growing our numbers.  We will guide you to discover and share better ways to get involved and make a greater impact on the politics of our land.

Joining us is free. Plus, we have simplified the entire sign-up process. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Join us in the fight.

Marc Komorsky

Chairman, Republican Party of Lagrange County

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24 Michaels Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603