Mission Statement

LaGrange Republican Committee Mission Statement

The Members of the Lagrange Republican Committee are an organized and coordinated team that adhere to, support, promote and uphold the conservative values, philosophies, principles and ideals for the betterment of the Town, County, State and National Republican Party.

We are committed to:
  • Supporting our Constitution
  • Hold our Elected Officials accountable to our core values that consist of morals, honesty, integrity, respect, acting in a fair and ethical manner at all times.
  • Promote an effective government.
  • Act professional at all times.
  • Be responsive, accurate and informative to our constituents.
  • To Register Voters as Republicans, Increase our Republican voter base.
  • Assist Republican Candidates who share our Republican values.
  • Ensure election integrity.
  • Republican outreach: Promote elections, assist in absentee ballots, promote our core values and beliefs.
  • Develop, hold and support Republican Fund Raisers.
  • Support our Republican Candidates.
  • Improve our communities quality of life.
  • Support our First Responders, Police, Fire and EMS.
  • Support a strong National Defense.
  • Balance growth with our environment.
  • Support our Second Amendment.
  • Promote the elections of qualified Republicans to run for office such as Town Board positions, Town and County Judge positions, Highway Supervisors, Fire Commissioners.
  • Promote the elections of qualified County, State and National candidates for Office. Educate the electorate.
  • Support Fiscal Responsibility.
  • Support Equal Opportunity.
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Online donations coming soon. For now, please send checks to
24 Michaels Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603