We do not condone hate speech.

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We do not condone hate speech.

We condemn hateful behavior and rhetoric.

Poughkeepsie–September 1… The Dutchess County Republican Committee today called out the actions of the Democratic County legislative caucus, which is resorting to cheap political “gotcha” tactics despite their own well documented history of circulating junk news.

“The people of Dutchess County expect a certain level of maturity in their elected officials,” said Katy Delgado, press spokeswoman for the Dutchess County GOP. “Legislator Rebecca Edwards’ (Town of Poughkeepsie) holier-than-thou attempt to paint her Republican colleagues as intolerant by injecting national politics rather than doing the work she was elected to do is pathetic and totally hypocritical. She and her colleagues must have short memories: Just last year, County Democrats invoked the mental health of one of their own political opponents when they launched a false attack insinuating that County Legislator Faye Garito was mentally unfit to serve. They even despicably released Ms. Garito’s Social Security number to the public. These attacks were hateful, stigmatizing and discriminatory. Yet Legislator Edwards and her colleagues now see fit to lecture all of us on respectful public discourse.”

“Respectful discourse is important,” said Delgado, “and the toxic vitriol that is poisoning our national politics can’t be allowed to seep into local politics as Legislator Rebecca Edwards is trying to do. The kind of hypocrisy she and her Democrat politician colleagues are exhibiting is exactly why people are fed up with partisan politics. Legislators Edwards and the rest of her caucus need to quit the childish games and start doing their jobs.”


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